About Us




Born in Argentina with French and Irish roots. She moved to Sydney, Australia in her late 20s and after working in the fashion industry and the Design & Construction team of a major bank, she then moved to the US. 

Living in the East Coast and enjoying styling spaces, organizing intimate dinner parties, kids parties, her love for creating experiences with her unique vision, effortlessly curating elegant details created memorable experiences for those around her. That is when she decided to venture over to Interiors to follow her passion. After living a few years in Brazil, absorbing their culture and their love for the simple things in life, she is now back in Southern California helping clients re think the way they spend time in their homes. The company has now evolved into a full service Interior Design Studio.

Nathalie has lived in Argentina, England, New York, Australia, Brazil, North Carolina and California.

She holds a degree in International Relations. She has studied, Color Consultation, Feng Shui, Fashion History & Fashion Production, Surface Design in various institutions around the world.